Activity 1 -- Election of 1912 -- Examine Political Cartoons
Look at and read about several political cartoons from the time. Use the information provided with each cartoon to analyze and critique the messages found in each of the cartoons regarding the events leading up to and surrounding the Election of 1912.

Choose at least 8 of these links to look over. Write a reflection after you visit your 8 sites.

“I Believe in Giving Every Man a Square Deal”
“The Fishing Season”
“After the Circus”
“The New Rider”
"The Latest Arrival at the Political Zoo"
“Dr. Sam: 'He MayPull Through - With a Long Rest' "
“And the Waters were Divided”
untitled Bull Moose Convention
“Or Bust”
“Trying to Catch the Colored Vote”
“The Militant Recruit”
“Mr. Taft Makes the First Drive”
“It’s Comin’ After Us!"