Essential Knowledge--1970s
  1. Describe and evaluate the domestic and foreign relations accomplishments of President Nixon.
  2. Explain the events and significance of the Watergate scandal. Was Nixon a crook?
  3. Identify why President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon and the political result of this.
  4. Explain OPEC’s actions during the 60s & 70s and how they affected the U.S. economy.
  5. Analyze President Carter’s achievements and failures as President.

Essential Knowledge--Recent America
  1. Summarize Reagan’s economic programs, such as Reaganomics.
  2. Identify changes in the Communist world that ended the Cold War.
  3. Explain the Iran-Contra scandal and the controversy surrounding it.
  4. Describe what prompted President Bush to action in the Middle East and led to the Persian Gulf War.
  5. Explain the major issues of the 1992 and the factors that allowed Clinton to win.
  6. Analyze President Clinton’s domestic accomplishments and reforms.
  7. Explain the effect of scandals on the Clinton presidency.
  8. Analyze the events of the 2000 election and the controversy surrounding them.
  9. Describe the events surrounding September 11, 2001, and the impact it had on American society.
  10. Evaluate America’s “pre-emptive” foreign policy in regards to Afghanistan and Iraq.